EV Speed


The company’s Technical Director, Alex Tylee-Birdsall, is presenting a paper entitled “High efficiency electric vehicle powertrain” at the Future Powertrain Conference (FPC2014) at the National Motorcycle Museum in Solihull, UK tomorrow.

MSYS supplies 55 kW of continuous power (100 kW peak for 60 seconds) and more than 2,000 N·m (1,475 lb-ft) of torque at the wheels in an extremely compact package with more than 91% total electric powertrain efficiency (98% transmission efficiency). MYSYS weighs just 55 kg (121 lbs).

MSYS offers 3-speed gearing with powershifting; the ratios are:

1st — 10.01:1 

2nd — 7.15:1 

3rd — 5.42:1 

Rapid ratio shifting using DSD Overlap Shift Technology minimize torque interruption. The powershift elements in the MSYS transmission separate the two basic synchronizer functions of friction and latching and use the enhanced friction capacity of multi-cone clutch assemblies to provide an uninterrupted flow of torque to the wheels while using no energy to hold the transmission in gear.